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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12 Christmas Kid Crafts {Round Up}

School will out for Christmas break soon. That last week before Christmas can seem like an eternity to kiddos who are anxious to see what Santa is going to bring them. So, to keep them busy, pass the time, and build some holiday excitement here are some kid-friendly Christmas crafts.

Earlier this week I posted about the Reindeer Cookies the kids and I made. They LOVED making all those little Rudolphs. And we also made some Homemade Frozen Silly Slime.

But if you need some more ideas, here are 12 Christmas Kid Crafts that look cute and would be great to try out!

 Melted Bead Ornament - 3 Little Greenwoods.

Melted Bead Christmas Ornament

 Easy Christmas Craft For Kids

Paint Brush Santa - My Creative Days

Paint Brush Santas


Candy Cane Reindeer - Gingerly Made

Frozen Olaf Cup Craft - JDaniel4's Mom


Build Olaf Again & Again - Building a Jeweled Rose

Do you want to build a snowman?  This easy to make toy allows kids to build Olaf over & over again.

DIY Paper Angel Ornament

Santa Beard Straws - Gingerly Made

Santa Belly Ornament - A Crafty B

Ice Luminaries - One Little Project

Ice Lanterns: How to make your own ice luminaries from balloons.  A great activity for this cold and dark weather!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Homemade Frozen Slime Guest Post

The girls and I made some fun Frozen inspired silly slime based on some Pins I've seen floating around. It was a ton of fun and now they are begging to make more in every color they can find.

I'm guest posting over at Made From Pinterest today, so you can find out how we made our slime there.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Rudolph Reindeer Cookies

Last night was our Children's Christmas Program at Church. The kids did a great job singing their Christmas Carols and afterwards we had a fellowship time with some fingers foods and snacks. I had already planned on making these Rudolph Reindeer Cookies, so this was the perfect excuse to do it. Everyone loved how cute they were! And the best part is that they are easy to make.

First begin by sorting out red MnMs. Try not to eat all the other colors -- try.

Then make your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe, or sugar cookie, or gingerbread - whatever you're in the mood for.

Roll the dough into balls and pinch one end.

And flatten. This gives the cookies a pretty reindeer face shape.

While the cookies are baking set up an assembly line of chocolate covered pretzels, mini chocolate chips and/or candy eyes, and red MnMs.

Once your cookies are finished baking and while they are still soft gently place two chocolate covered pretzels at the top of the cookie for antlers. Then press in an MnM for nose and either the mini chocolate chips or candy eyes for eyes. Be careful. If you press too hard the cookie will just come apart.

Hubs even got in the kitchen and helped make a few deer.

And you know we just had to cheat and eat a one each before the kids' program.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Show Me Saturday #11

Welcome back to the Show Me Saturday link party!

Exciting News! We have a new party co-host! Christina from Sweet Haute is joining us in our fab party. That means another blog showing off YOUR links and picking features each week! She will be commenting, pinning, and featuring you. So please take a minute to hop on over to her site and say hello.

Just to give you all a heads up, we will not be having Show Me Saturday the weekend after Christmas. We're enjoying all your lovely projects and can't wait to see them for the next few weeks to come, but also want to encourage you to take some time off and enjoy the season. Personally I will be either not posting at all or doing very limited, pre-scheduled posting during that time.

 Please follow each of the hostesses in some way.

3 Little Greenwoods 

Gingerly Made 

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My Creative Days

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Sweet Haute

Ashley's Week Image
Show Me Saturday Weekly Features by 3 Little Greenwoods

You are a bunch of AMAZING crafters! We wish we could feature you all, but since we can't, we're keeping up with your stand out projects on the Show Me Saturday Pinterest board. We'd love it if you followed along too!

So, who wants to see the top picks from last week's party?

Here are my picks for the week. You can stop by Ashley, Christina, and Lindsay's blogs to see their features too.
Little Miss Celebration decided NOT to hang a wreath this year. Instead she made this beautiful Ornament Door Tree

Change it up from a wreath this holiday with a big, bright , shiny Ornament Door Tree!  At

Moms Need To Know made some Snowman Truffles that look almost too good to eat - ALMOST.

snowman truffles

I need to make these Paper Straw Ornaments from Happy Mothering with my kiddos. They'd love it!


Have your kids written their Letter to Santa yet? If not, Home. Made. Interest. has a great free printable to help them out.

Christmas is right around the corner and everyone is asking what the kids want this year. Help them write their letter to Santa with this free printable. You can choose from 4 different colors.

Love to link but forget which party's go live when?

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Ok, Let's Party!

Remember, comments are like skittles. Everybody loves them!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Jute Webbing Basket

I received free product from to craft with. All work and opinions are my own.

I have really been enjoying decorating with jute webbing. Those red marks on the sides make it perfect for Christmas, Valentine's, or just anytime really. After seeing this pin on Pinterest, I had to try out my own woven basket made from jute webbing.

Jute webbing is a lot like burlap but stiffer and has those pretty red marks on the side. 


9 - 10 yards Jute Webbing
2 Cardboard Cake Rounds
Yard Stick
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue
Vase or some other type of pedestal

The basket from the Pinterest link was a smaller size. She had traced a plate to get her cardboard circles at 10.5 across. I happened to have the cake rounds on hand which are 14 inches across. So because of that I needed some extra strips of webbing.

Cut 6 strips of webbing 32" long.

Fold them in half and gently press to create a small crease. This will show you where the middle of your webbing is and let you center it on the cardboard base.

Begin by criss-crossing 2 strips of webbing across one piece of cardboard. Add another 2, then the last 2. Center them and hot glue in place. I used a vase as a pedestal to help me.

Once the base strips of webbing have been glued in place, measure enough webbing to go around base. You can just hold it up to get an estimate. Make sure to leave a little extra to over lap the ends.

Cut two lengths.

With the base on the pedestal, weave in and out around the overhanging strips. Hot glue in place as needed. Mine kept sliding out and falling, so I hot glued the first piece in place. Then I was able to weave around much more easily.

Weaving the second row did not work for me with the base on the pedestal even with gluing the beginning in place. It just kept falling down. So I flipped the basket right side up and went from there. It looks a hot mess, but it worked!

Weave in an opposite over under pattern from the first row.

My basket looks really loose in the picture below. You can tighten it up and keep everything in place with hot glue. That stuff does wonders!

It also looks a mess because the ends are flopping about everywhere. We're going to fix that right now!

Fold the ends over and glue those down on the inside of the basket. Finally it's starting to look like a basket and not just some tangle of webbing!

Then to cover up all those uneven edges, take the last of your webbing and create a ring around the inside edge.

The last and final thing to do is cover your second piece of cardboard with burlap.

I just laid out my burlap and cut an extra large circle around the cardboard. Then I wrapped the burlap around and hot glued it down. Don't worry about the ugliness of the hot glued side. You'll glue that to the bottom of your basket leaving the pretty side face up.

I tossed a blanket and some books in my basket and set it by the fireplace. I love sitting by the fireplace with a nice warm blanket and a book and thought this would be the perfect little place to keep everything in. Although with that blanket in there, I fully expect our cat to take up residence. It's the perfect size for her and looks pretty cozy too!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

5 Good-for-You Choices You Can Make NOW - Don't Wait for the New Year

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LoveV8Protein #CollectiveBias 

It's that time of year when everyone is baking the most delicious baked goods. We eat everything in sight. Stress is sky high with tons of shopping, budgets, a bazillion activities to attend, and the constant business. And at the end of it all we wonder how in the world we gained 10 pounds in a month! I don't know about you, but I don't want to go through that! I say that we don't need to wait for New Year to get healthy. We can make better decisions NOW!

Most of us already KNOW what to do to be healthy. We generally KNOW what makes a healthy diet and what doesn't. We KNOW exercise is important. It's just life can get busy and all of us have a tendency to pick up fast food on our way out the door and put things like going to the gym on the back burner.

So, Hubs and I are trying to make some changes to get healthy. And I want to encourage you too. Don't wait for New Year's resolutions. You're going to skiff off those after the first week anyway. Here's a few ways you can start TODAY.

1. Drink Water

This is one of the most simple, frugal, and effective ways to change your health NOW. Not only is water calorie & sugar free, our bodies NEED to be properly hydrated. We are made up of 70% water. Water, not soda! If you switch to water you'll notice a difference in the way your body & mind function and the pounds will start coming off with this habit change alone.

2. Get a Gym Membership

So this one isn't as frugal as #1, but stick with me for a second. Everyone know that gyms often run great deals and specials in January, but they also run some pretty awesome deals in December too!

I had stopped going to a gym about six months ago thinking I would save money by working out at home. I didn't. Working out at home with kids around means you can't see the workout video because they sit in front of the TV. Then they want to do it with you but just get in your space. They sit on you when you try to do floor work. You trip over them. Yada, yada, yada.

So, Hubs and I just joined a new gym. Because not as many people are joining gyms in December, we got a deal that gave us the whole month of December free + no joining fee.

We've been going as a family. The kids love it and they offer plenty of play time and some kid oriented exercise time for them too. And Hubs and I get a chance to do the same things we were doing when we met - working out together.

3. Choose Good-For-You Snacks

This one is HARD for me. I have a major sweet tooth and so do my kids. We like healthy snacks, we just get lazy and gravitate to the junky "convenience" foods. So I'm stocking my fridge & pantry with better options; fruits, veggies, and some protein packed snacks.

Packing fruits & veggies to take with us as we run errands helps to ward of the mid-morning munchies without stopping for take-out, chips, or cookies.  

I found these V-8 Protein bars in the Health & Beauty section of Walmart by the Pharmacy.

They're pretty tasty and all that extra protein helps me recover from my work outs. The Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor gives me something for that sweet tooth, and the Oatmeal Raisin full of cinnamon flavor! It's the little indulgence you'll need everyday. And they have V-8 Protein Shakes too.

You can learn more about V-8 Protein on their Facebook & Twitter pages.

4. Sleep

Ok parents, stop laughing. I get it. My kids are three & five. They still wake up early every day and sometimes throughout the night - STILL. Sleep is not something that comes easy to parents no matter how much we want it or need it. And after the kiddos go to sleep is one of the few fleeting moments we get with our spouses alone so it's nice to stay up with them. But Hubs and I feel so much better and can deal with the chaos of the day calmer and more rationally when we've gone to bed and gotten some decent sleep. For us, we usually go to bed about 10:30 and get up at 6:30 when the kiddos wake us. Truthfully, that ain't bad! That's 8 hours if the kids don't wake up in the middle of the night.

5. Say NO

The holiday season is FULL of stressors. Our greedy little kiddos want every expensive toy out there. And so do we if we're going to be honest. We feel like we have to buy for our own immediate family, the grandparents, the aunts & uncles & cousins. Plus a little something for each of child in our kids' classes, the teacher, the mailman, neighbor gifts, the pastor, a charity project, etc. Can your budget handle all that? Mine can't. And busting that budget is a HUGE amount of stress.

Add to that attending every holiday event known to man. And we are tired and all-together over-done.

We have to figure out how to live our beautifully chaotic lives, juggle schedules, give our undivided attention to our kids, get time for ourselves, and still make healthy choices. Sometimes that means saying NO. As hard as it is, you might have to talk to the family and tell them that you only want to do gifts for the kids this year, or do a gift-giving name draw where you only buy for that one person whose name you drew. Maybe it means being THAT mom who doesn't send gifts for every kid in the school.

It means saying NO to the junk food and NO to staying up late because you know the kids won't let you sleep in.

Think about it. Our kiddos need us to be at our best. They need us healthy and capable of making healthy choices for ourselves and for them. We are the example they see everyday and the choices we make will influence the choices they make later in life.

What healthy choices can you make today? Don't wait!

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