Ruffle Fabric Skirt Tutorial

I love the super girly ruffle fabric I’ve been seeing everywhere. The only problem was that I wasn’t seeing it at my usual fabric store. So when I went to a different store, away from my usual runnings around, and saw a couple of different bolts of ruffle fabric, I just had to get it.

I decided to make an Easter skirt for Caitlin. And it was so super simple to make and no pattern needed. Bonus!

Ruffle Fabric (I used less than a yard)
1 inch elastic
Thread to match fabric

First you need to take two really easy measurements.
Waist: Measure your child’s waist where you want the skirt to sit. Then double it. So, Caitlin’s waist is 18 inches. 18 x 2 = 36 (fabric measurement) Then take that waist measurement + 1 for the elastic. 18 +1 = 19 inches of elastic.

Length: Measure from waist to how long you want the skirt to be. Since Caitlin is so tall, I made hers 24 inches long.

Cut your fabric making sure to keep the ruffles out of the way. You only want to cut between the ruffles.

Fold fabric right sides together. Make sure the ruffles all fall down and line up evenly. Sew down back-stitching at beginning and end. This makes the tube of the skirt.
Next you have to make a loop to thread the elastic through for the waistband. Fold fabric over giving enough room for your 1″ elastic to fit. Be really careful to sew between the ruffles. If you don’t you’ll be like me and have a messed up ruffle and have to very carefully so as not to pick the fabric rip the seam out. Ugh. You don’t want to do that.
Leave a small opening to insert the elastic.
Thread the elastic through. *Tip: Anytime you need to thread any elastic, ribbon, whatever through, use a safety pin. Your fingers can find the safety pin and pull it through easier than the elastic.
Sew the ends of the elastic together.
Sew the opening on the waist band closed.
And if you noticed, I didn’t mention anything about a hem. You don’t need to with this fabric. Whoo hoo! I love time savers!
And you have a super girly ruffle skirt. Oh, and remember the Flower Power Beanie I made for her. It matches. Totally unplanned, but awesome!

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    Ack that is SO pretty and she is SOOOOOOOO cute!!!! We really really need to get together some time! I think of you guys often!!!

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