Broken Mirror

Sorry for the lousy pictures, I shot them quickly this morning and didn’t have the time (or motivation) to set lighting and edit photos.

So I had planned to share another aspect of our master bathroom update today, but DIY tragedy struck. We have a really boring builder grade, blase bathroom mirror. It’s a whopping 59″ x 42″. At first I wanted to build a frame around the whole thing. Eric felt unsure of how that would look, so we started looking at getting a pair of medicine cabinets, one over each sink.

Medicine cabinets were more expensive than my budget allowed and Eric had his concerns about height. You see he is 6 foot 4.5 inches. If we don’t have a tall mirror, he would have to duck to see his face. And although he has to duck for other mirrors, he doesn’t have to shave using those. So, I went back to the idea of framing our mirror. I showed Eric another blogger who had successfully framed her mirror. And we agreed to try it.

Well, Eric built a beautiful frame and I painted it. We were just getting ready to put the mirror in place, add liquid nail to the frame and install it. That’s when the mirror broke. Seriously!! It is what it is, but now I’ve got this oversized frame and I don’t want to scrap it. I need to think of something awesome to do with it.

Got any ideas??

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