Chore Line Chore Chart Tutorial

This chore line chore chart uses wood clothes pins to mark completed chores. As a mom, I am always trying to think of new ways to encourage my daughter to do certain things; try new foods, have good manners, keep her things tidy. This chore line is just another spin on the old chore chart, but I think it’s ubber cute.

As Caitlin completes certain age appropriate chores, she can add them to her chore line. Once she has 10 chores completed, she gets to go to the dollar store and pick a prize.

How We Made It:

  1. First Hubs cut and routed a decorative edge on some MDF for me. (Dimensions)
  2. Then I painted it and added the vinyl letters and birds.
  3. Attach the Mason jar (or in this case the Ball jar) with a metal clamp.
    1. Make a pilot hole by nailing a hole through the metal clamp.
    2. Screw in the clamp to the MDF and slide your jar in place and tighten the clamp to hold.
  4. Using a picture hanging kit, screw in four eye hooks. Thread some wire through and twist the ends. I used a coated craft wire. (You can see this step best in the bottom picture.)
  5. To finish it off. Get some cheap wood clothes pins and a good pin. Write whatever chores you think your kid can do on the clothes pins. Most chores have seven clothes pins unless it’s just a once a week type chore. That way Caitlin can earn one clothes pin per day per chore. Also the clothes pins allow you to easily change out chores as your kiddos grow up and take on bigger responsibilities. Get some new wood clothes pins and write the new chores on them. Done.

We are starting with just a couple of chores:

  • pick up toys (7 clothes pins)
  • help mommy sort laundry (1 clothes pin)
  • put your dirty dishes away (7 clothes pins)
  • wipe off table (7 clothes pins)
  • put clean laundry away (1 clothes pin)

If she is able to do these consistently, we’ll add more.

The best part is that as Hayley gets older and can start participating, there’s already two lines. One for both kiddos.


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    This is a great idea! I like your site – the design is so nice and clean and pleasing to the eye. And your pictures on this post are great – nice and bright. I found you via TipJunkie’s link party and just became your newest follower!

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    Great idea for your kids, {but I think I could use this for me…as I forget when the last time I washed the floors was, etc. lol…}


    Thanks for sharing at Creative Juice last week. I’m featuring you this evening and I’m sharing your post on my Pinterest accounts as well.

    Also, this post is perfect for the FOR THE PARENTS section at my new site, The Classroom Creative. We’ll add you to the chores section!

    Have a lovely week,

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