Cloth Diapering Set Backs

I consider myself a cloth diapering momma. But lately…. I’ve been totally out of it.

It seems that I can’t get a handle on the normal amount of housework I have. I put normal in italics because it doesn’t feel normal. I have at least as many loads of laundry as there are days in the week without cloth diapering. The kid junk is coming at me from everywhere. Not to mention the bath redo. Hubs has been busy with other things (read necessary outside work and bathroom remodel) and hasn’t been able to help as me much lately.

I’m overwhelmed; overwhelmed to the point that I don’t want to even start trying to deal with it. There have been several days where I haven’t even wanted to start dinner. And let me tell you, although it happens, if I’m maxed out to the point where I don’t want to cook dinner, I’ve had a pretty rough day.

Life isn’t terrible. In fact, life is pretty good right now. I’m just in a weird cleaning funk that I just can’t dust and polish my way out of. It feels like every time I put one thing away, two more things sprout on the floor somewhere.

So, to help myself, I’ve not been using cloth diapers. Part of me feels terrible because I really do love using cloth on baby bottoms. It’s so much better for their skin. And so much better for my wallet. But, with my resolve to make sure I’m being Mom and not House-keeper, I’m having to make cut backs. And one of those places is cloth diapering. For now.

I hope to get back on the cloth band wagon soon, but in the mean time, disposables are going to be part of our life.

And since every post needs a pic….don’t you just love this face!!

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    EXACT same thing here! I haven’t given up on getting back into it but until I can get into a laundry/housekeeping routine something had to go! We are at the exact same place!

    Hayley is sooo cute!

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    Well I’m not a mom first and formost. But I do aspire to be a cloth diapering momma some day and well. I’m sure these days will come heck these weeks will come and I hope to not feel bad about them so I don’t want you to either!

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