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I recently received an email from a really interesting company, eFoodsDirect, and wanted to share them with you. They will be sending me a sample pack to review their product and also a giveaway for you, so whoo hoo to that. But until I receive them, I wanted to give you a little something to think about.

If you and your family were to ever be caught up in some kind of catastrophe, do you have a readiness plan?

I’m not one of those people who think the world is going to end tomorrow and preparing for the apocalypse. I’m thinking more reasonably than that. What would happen if mother nature took a turn for the worse and you were without power for a week? That DID happen to me once.

When I was in high school hurricane Fran went through our state and my family went a week without power. My parents lost all the food in their freezer. We had a well, but the power ran the well pump, so we had to be extremely frugal with our water. Thankfully, my parents always kept a pretty well stocked pantry. We had grills and cooked out. We also had a neighbor who brought a generator over and let us get showers twice that week and fill up buckets of water.

That was actually a rather pleasant experience for me because it felt a lot like camping. But what if you were one of the people who went through Katrina? Or the tsunamis in other countries that devastated peoples lives? This is where eFoodsDirect comes into play.

eFoodsDirect sells survival and emergency foods. They believe that storing foods in case of disaster is a smart and prudent thing for every family to do. They also believe that it should be affordable for every family to do with healthy food choices. By dehydrateing their foods instead of freeze-drying them the foods have less preservatives and additives, and retain over 90% of their nutritional value. Dehydration also means that the food is more compact and great for hunting, camping, and fishing trips too.

They will be providing me with some sample packs to try out and review and have also offered to do a giveaway for you. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they taste!  In the meantime, go check them out at www.eFoodsDirect.com and think a little about what you would do in case of an emergency.

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    Thanks for the heads up on the site….I agree….I think we need to be wise as the ants in storing up in the summer for the winter WILL come….I do store up and I have more water than I do “groceries”. I am always searching for new sites to venture to….I will go to this site….have a wonderful Memorial Weekend

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