Hers and His Toothbrush Holder

 These mason jar organizers have been all over pinterest, so accuse me of not being original, but I love them! Growing up we used mason jars for drinking glasses. Want some sweet tea, grab a mason jar. Using these jars in decorating reminds me of that. You know, using everyday things everyday in a different way.

To make them, we used the leftover 1 x 4 pine boards from our mirror frame (from the broken mirror) to mount the jars; painted to match the cabinets and add some vinyl love.

They are Hers and His not His and Hers because I use the left sink and Hubs uses the right. So it felt only natural for us to have my toothbrush on the left and his on the right too.

Our bath remodel is slowly coming into place. We just have to get a new mirror since the other one broke and add a few finishing touches. I hope to be able to do the big reveal in a couple of weeks.

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