Men’s Shirt Refashion

There’s nothing better than a classic white blouse. But finding one that fits just right can sometimes be one of the hardest things to find. On top of that, Hubs isn’t a big fan of me wearing button up shirts because he feels that even though they are tailored for a woman, they still look manly to him. I have had very few button up shirts that he thought didn’t look masculine.

So when I saw this men’s shirt refashion I totally flipped. I’m sure you’ve seen it on pinterest. Although it is a button up, the lack of collar and capped sleeves makes it look much more feminine. Don’t you think so?

Here’s my inspiration photo.  Gorgeous isn’t it!

Photo Source

So of course I had to try my hand at it. I followed the directions on the tutorial. But let me just tell you, if you are new to sewing like me, using a t-shirt as a guide is not as easy as it sounds. You might end up with your shirt not quiet even on both sides. Can you see my sleeve problem? I didn’t think to check it because it looked the same when laying flat. It wasn’t until I was almost done and trying the shirt on that I realized my sleeves weren’t right. And the shirt would lean to my right side because there was more fabric on that side. See.

So this project took longer than it should have because I had to go back and redo some of it; meaning I had to trim the excess off one side. And now, it’s a little tighter than I originally wanted. The gaps between the buttons were bulging. Uh. I am still trying to lose some pregnancy weight so…

Anyway, I’ve waited several months to take photos because of the size issue. This is where we are now.

Not bad. Although I can make it look good standing up for a photo…… sitting down makes all those bulges and gaps show up again. Just think how unseemly that would look from the side. Yea, definitely can’t wear that out in public.

So I think this little project is going to call for a redo. I’m not sure when, but someday.

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    Great shirt! You look fabulous for having a baby, by the way. The next time, I would make it larger all the way down the sides PLUS add a dart, and for this shirt already made, you could open up the sides and insert elastic or matching knit fabric for that extra stretch goin’ on when sitting. It wouldn’t have to be more than 2″ to make it viable. As rowena moon said, sewing it down and making it a faux button shirt is a great idea as well, although you’d have the stretch issue trying to put it over your head…. I’m going to try this as a size 18-20, let you know how it looks on us bigger gals. Thanks for the GREAT idea.

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    on the idea of knit fabric down the sides….. use some white stretch lace. A 2 inch piece down each side should give you just enough. It would be a nice feminine touch and you can find some thats not too see-through. I also agree with the reader about the darts next time, If you are relatively thin or large chested(or post partum!) a dart ot two can make a huge difference in fit.

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