Nature Walk and Nature Jars

We all went to a local state park over the weekend. Harris Lake for you locals. We let Caitlin play on the little playground, but mostly we walked and looked.

Caitlin loves picking up various things she finds when we go on walks. So we made it a fun game. See what new things you can find. We found the usual sticks, pine cones, and plain old rocks. But we also found moss, shells, rose quartz (pink rocks), and a FROG.

Aside from the frog, we put all her finds in my hat. My hat because that’s all we had to hold stuff in. Then when we got home put them all in a mason jar and we’ve got an easy peasy nature jar. Looks pretty on the shelf too.

Some of Caitlin’s finds.
Beautiful view.
Eric walking ahead.
Mommy and Caitlin. Wow, my hair in pony tail looks pretty terrible. Of course, I was wearing a hat until it became a collection holder so we’ll blame it on that.
The Princess and the frog.
Her Daddy Prince and the littlest Princess.
Nature jar. 

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