Ombre Waterlilly Painting

Here’s a sneak peak into our bathroom remodel. I knew I wanted some artwork, but I don’t like having to spend big bucks on art. In high school I used to paint and sketch A LOT. Unfortunately, lack of use has taken it’s toll on my fine art skills and left me somewhat timid. But my excitement over this bathroom thing refused to let my artistic insecurities win.

I bought a canvas (the largest I’ve ever worked with). Dusted off the ol’ easel and paints. And I came up with this ombre background and waterlilly.

*By the way. Where does this word ‘ombre’ come from?? I’ve always called it a gradient. Or is that just my Photoshop/Illustrator learning? I even looked it up on Wikipedia and the results for ombre turned up some card game. Sorry just had to throw that out there because it bugs me every time I see the word on a craft blog. I’m just using it so other people will know what I mean. I guess I’m just making the problem worse. Oh, boy.*

Notice how the paint cracked?  That was totally unintentional. I’ve never had my paints to crack like that before. But it looks cool, so I’m ok with it. Gives it a shabby chic sort of look don’t you think?

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