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Monday, May 7, 2012

Painted Bathroom Cabinets

Before and After Painted Bathroom Cabinets

I just finished painting our bathroom cabinets under the sink. If you've never tried it before, painting your cabinetry is a really affordable option for updating your bathroom or kitchen. And although it may sound like one of those cheap fixes that looks cheap too, it's not. Painting cabinetry can look really good if you do it the right way.

When we decided to redo our bathroom, Hubs was all for painting the walls. But when I told him that I wanted to paint the cabinets below the sink, let's just say he was skeptical. The walls are now a pale Tiffany blue with white trim and white-ish gray floors. The room needed something to anchor it so it didn't look so up in the clouds.

Hubs never said that he didn't want me to do it. He's being amazingly cool with whatever I want to do in the room. So when he came home and I told him that I painted the cabinets purple.......but they look brown.........but they're purple, I think he kind-a freaked out a little. He didn't say anything, but just got up and walked upstairs. Good thing it looks brown.

When you open the can and start painting, the paint is purple, but when it dries, it's so dark that it's brown. I know that sounds weird, but that's what it is.

** UPDATE: For some reason I did not have the paint color written down when I posted, but I have gone back and searched for it since so many people have asked. The color is Country Covered Bridge from Glidden. **

So anyway, I mentioned that you needed to paint the right way for your painted cabinets to look good. Here it is:
  • Lightly sand the cabinets (*I didn't but it would be better if you did.)
  • Use semi-gloss paint
  • Either prime first or get a primer and paint in one paint
  • Take off all hardware and hinges first
  • Seal afterward to prevent scratching the paint off
In the end, Hubs says "It looks better than I thought it would. It looks like it came that way." Whoop whoop!! Now that's a compliment!

Painted Bathroom Cabinets


  1. This is a great project! The cabinets turned out so gerat. Would you consider linking this up at my Pinworthy Projects Party?

  2. Looks so great. I did a similar paint job on mine. Make a huge difference. Love the blue walls too!

  3. This looks great! Did you paint the inside too? What does it look like with the cabinet door open? I ask because I'm debating on doing mine but I'm not sure if it will hurt it when we go to sell if I don't do the inside too. Thanks!

    Found you on the linky at not just a housewife. Come visit!


  4. It looks amazing! What a great transformation!

  5. Looks like you spent a fortune on new cabinets! It looks great! Love the new faucets too :)

  6. love this!! What color purple did you use and what brand??

  7. Love it!!! What color and brand purple did you use??

    1. Hi Jenn. I went back and hunted for the color I used. It's Country Covered Bridge from Glidden.

  8. It would really be helpful if you gave the color & brand please. thx!


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