Wood Crate Linen Cabinet

Wood Crate Linen Cabinet

 Do you believe in small miracles? It’s easy to believe in the big ones. They are hard to miss. But what about the small ones. They don’t always come in the shape or size we want them to, but they come never-the-less.

Wood Crates

Ok, once you realize what I’m talking about you are going to think I’ve completely lost it. But really, not being able to find those wood crates I was talking about a few weeks ago was really driving me nuts. No one had any!! So when not even a week after I posted my crate frustration, I found some on craigslist! Literally they were not the size or shape I wanted, but I figured since I couldn’t find any elsewhere, I’d get them anyway. It was my little miracle of the week.

I had to be creative in how to arrange the crates since four of them were this odd L-shape. Which meant that they also needed some restructuring. But we went from these flower display crates to this awesome crate linen cabinet. Or bookshelf. Whatever you want to use it for. I just wanted it for a linen cabinet.

Here’s what we did.

Because of the L-shaped crates we had to remove the slats from one side and reattached them to the other opening up the front of the crate. Basically, we had to move the slats around so the correct side would be open once stacked up.

Dismantling Wood Crates

Then we painted the crates, used wood glue and nailed the crates in place as we re-stacked them. The paint color is Country Covered Bridge from Glidden.

Painting Wooden Crates

It turned out REALLY good! Then I filled it up with Mason jars for my Q-tips and cotton balls, lotions, and homemade natural soaps, towels, and wash cloths. And most importantly as the linen cabinet is sitting beside the tub, a place to set my book after I’m done taking a bubble bath. Ah, simple bliss.


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