Halloween Pillowcase Dresses

I’m not making Halloween costumes for my kids this year. I know, that’s a terrible terrible crafting blogger sin! But I’m not. It’s really intimidating to me. This however isn’t really a costume so much as it’s holiday inspired clothing and that is much less intimidating. At least in my mind it is.

When I found some random pillowcases in my linen closet that didn’t have any matching sheets, I knew I was going to do this project. I remember seeing a pillowcase ghost dress here and thought I’d like to try one of my own. But I had TWO pillowcases. So I bought some fabric dye and made a second dress; a jack-o-lantern.

You make a standard pillowcase dress. First measure how long you want it to be. I used a website that had measurements based on size, and mine is a bit short, so I’ll stick to – measure it and add a few inches for the ribbon casing at the top.

Once you have your measurement, cut off the top sewn together portion of your pillowcase. Leave that open part that’s already hemmed for your dress hem and save yourself some time!

Next, fold the fabric in half vertically. And cut a J-shape (or as in this picture, a backwards J-shape) for the arm holes.

Hem the arm holes. (You may be able to see in the picture, but I only turned my fabric once for the arm hole hem. You may want to turn it twice to seal in the raw edges. I was just lazy on this part because I know my little girl will only wear it a couple of times this month and then it’s done for a few years until my baby is old enough to wear it only a couple of times for one month and then it’s done.)

Fold down the top of the dress something like 3/8″. Press. Fold down again about 1″ to make the ribbon casing. Just make sure you’re giving enough room for your ribbon to slip through. Press and stitch.
Repeat on the other side.

Cut 1 yard of ribbon for each side of the dress. So you’ll need 2 yards total. Slide your ribbon through the casing using a safety pin to guide it through.

I stitched a vertical line through the casing in the middle of the dress to hold the ribbon in place. Here it is on the pumpkin dress.

Cut shapes for your ghost and/or pumpkin face. I used some scrap black fabric. Pin them then stitch in place.

Tie ribbons at the shoulders.

Aren’t they cute!
Caitlin just HAD to have her rubber lizard toy in the pictures. It’s her favorite ‘pet’ right now and is in EVERY picture.

 Making ghosty faces.

 And just being a fun and silly little girl. 

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