Kid Craft Turkey

If you have little ones, you just have to do some holiday inspired kid crafts with them! Not only is it fun, but it’s a great way to get excited about the coming day and explain what it’s all about. Caitlin kept asking me why we were making a turkey. I mean think about it from a 3-year old perspective. Turkey – Thanksgiving. It doesn’t really make sense by itself; not until you explain Indians and Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving.

Even then, she said she still didn’t know why we were making a turkey. But she she was having fun with it never-the-less. She loves painting and glueing and that was this one was all about.

I helped her by cutting out a couple of shapes from cardboard to be the base for the turkey head and tail. Sorry for the dark pictures. Our ‘school’ table is black and that’s where I was taking pictures of the turkey in process.

Then I traced around the head on some brown construction paper twice. Cut that out and had Caitlin glue it onto the cardboard. We added eyes, a beak and a goosle. I don’t really know what that red thing is called, so I say goosle. Pronunciation Goo – sle.

Next I traced and cut out a feather shape; folded it in half and cut little slits along the side to make it look feathery. Then I let Caitlin glue them all over the tail base covering the cardboard completely. I tried to direct her to make them all up and down, but a few did end up sideways. Hey it’s a kid craft – who cares.

Last we painted a styrofoam ball brown and let it dry overnight.

The next morning I hot glued the pieces together. To make it sit up right, I had to squish the ball down some flattening the bottom so it wouldn’t roll around.

Now Caitlin is telling me that he needs feet. Love that girl!

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