Pine Cone and Hickory Nut Trees

I love bringing a little taste of outside in when I decorate. Something just calls to me about the simplicity and beauty of nature. This Thanksgiving and Christmas season, I decided to make some cone trees from pine cones and hickory nuts my parents brought to me.
They are pretty simple to make. You just need a little bit of time and some hot glue. Oh and a cone shaped form too. You could use the styrofoam cone forms or the paper ones. I used paper because they were cheaper. Who knew styrofoam would be so expensive? It’s also nice to know that the paper ones are biodegradable.

You start by hot gluing your pine cones or hickory nuts around the bottom of your form. On the second round, try to glue the next set in the gaps between the first round. This helps fill in the gaps.

You will still have some gaps after you’re all done. On the pine cone trees, I used broken pieces of the pine cones to fill in the gaps. Then I used moss to fill in the gaps between the hickory nuts.

I used the pine cones for my how-to photos, but in the end, I think the hickory nut cone tree turned out the best.

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