Footprint Reindeer Towels

Christmas is officially a week away! The girls and I are feeling back to our normal selves today, but since having a cold put us on the couch for a few days, we have more easy craft and present ideas for this week. Sorry for the cruddy picture. Apparently having a cold also effects my photography.

Anyway, I’m going really cheap today because I didn’t even make this craft. How’s that for lazy? Caitlin came home from her Mommy’s Morning Out program with this. Isn’t it adorable! They are always bringing home some fun little crafty something.

If you can’t tell, that’s her cutie-pie three-year-old footprint. What a great memory craft! I know I’m going to keep this one for a long time. And it looks pretty straight forward.

You need a white hand towel, some brown and red paint.

Put the brown paint on a paper plate and let your kiddo step in it.
Press her footprint down onto the towel.
Wash foot so your kiddo doesn’t track paint all over your house.

Add antlers and eyes with eye lashes.
Then use the red to make the red nose and write your kid’s name underneath.
Let dry.

Now you’ve got a sweet grandparent present or memento to put in their memory box!
Quick, easy, done.

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