Heart of Gold Valentine’s Shirt

Going through my closet I realized that I had WAY too many black shirts. I dress in simple neutrals; a lot. It’s a fashion area I need to work on. But anyway, an extra plain black t-shirt was just what I needed to create a cute shiny Valentine’s Day shirt.

I cut out a heart shape on paper first and then used that as a template to cut this gold sequined fabric. I had originally planned a sequined pencil skirt, but that was a project FAIL. So I used the extra on my t-shirt.

I pinned the heart in place and zig zag stitched around.

You could wear it with a cute skirt or do like me and just throw it one with any old ripped jeans.

**UPDATE: The sequins began to come off after a full day of wear and then really started to shed after a gentle washing. I still love this shirt, but maybe it would be better in a glittery or metallic fabric instead of sequins. Or maybe there’s some secret to sequined fabric that I just don’t know yet.** 

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