Foodie Friday: Banana Swirl

Anyone else have kids that are hooked on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS? Mine love it! And I love it because it has good everyday lessons like washing your hands after going potty, eating healthy foods, sharing; all those things that moms and dads are constantly telling the kids anyway. It’s extra reinforcement coming from a cute and cuddly tiger.

In one of the episodes they were trying new foods and came up with a recipe called banana swirl. You slice some bananas, put them in the freezer until frozen, then put them in the blender with some milk. Sounds an awful lot like a smoothie to me, but for whatever reason the name made a HUGE difference for my preschooler. I guess it also helped that Daniel Tiger was eating it too.

We now have several ziplock bags full of banana slices waiting to be made into banana swirl. But even better, Caitlin has discovered the fun in adding new flavors to go with it. Her favorite is blueberry banana swirl. She’s beginning to want to add strawberries too. I LOVE that it’s a healthy snack and it’s a great way to use those bananas before they go bad.

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