Burlap Wreath Tutorial

burlap wreath tutorial

I love all the beautiful burlap wreaths I’ve seen online lately. They are simple, rustic, beautiful. But I have been very reluctant to try my own. The first time I tried working with burlap I used a by-the-yard cut. It was awful! The threads kept unraveling. It was a mess. My eyes felt itchy and I kept sneezing. I started thinking all those cute burlap crafts were yes, cute, but not worth it at all!

Then I discovered burlap garland. It has some sort of edging so that the ends don’t unravel so badly. That alone made working with burlap a thousand times easier. It didn’t even bother my eyes and nose as badly.

So I decided on trying my hand at a burlap wreath. I looked up tutorials, but they mostly left me confused. I just felt like I was missing something. Finally, I pieced several tutorials together and had that great ah ha moment.

So, here is my attempt to explain a burlap wreath and hopefully not confuse the mess out of you.

You will need:
1 wire wreath form
1 10ft roll burlap garland

Begin by unrolling your entire 10 foot roll of burlap.

Thread your burlap through the wire form. The wire form should have four rings creating the wreath. Thread it through so that the burlap is going over, under, over, under. Leave a tail to tuck in later.

Thread burlap through wire wreath form

Put your fingers under the burlap and pull up to create a loop. Make sure your loops are even to balance the wreath.

Pull up with finger to create a loop

Pull burlap around and thread through the wreath again in the opposite direction. Under, over, under, over. You may need to press the first stream of burlap to the side to make room for this pass through.

Thread burlap through wire wreath again in opposite direction

Pull up your loops again. Don’t forget the loop on the outside of the wreath form.

Continue weaving the burlap over and under and pulling up loops all the way around. Once you’ve finished tuck the tails (one from the beginning and one from the end) into the wreath form.

And that’s it! It’s actually incredibly easy to make such a pretty wreath! Now all that’s left it decorating it to add that something unique to your door. I haven’t gotten that far yet. There are so many possibilities….

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      Hi Mary,

      Your comment came through as a no-reply comment, so I’m hoping that you will see the reply here. Every time the burlap comes up over the wire frame, pull that piece up to form a loop. ot the pieces that go under. Also on the outside edges, pull out some extra burlap to form a loop there. Does that help?

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