Old Fashioned Tin Can Stilts

A few weeks ago we were shopping at Michaels and they had these awesome plastic dinosaur feet stilts for kids. They were so cute! Caitlin immediately was drawn to them and wanted them. They weren’t expensive, but we try to make sure that our kids don’t get a toy every time we go somewhere. We don’t want them to learn to expect small payouts just because we went somewhere and they were well behaved. Sure we do that sometimes, but we don’t want it to be a regular practice. Anyway, Hubs said no when she asked for the stilts. (Probably also because she saw them and asked for them after we had already checked out.) I told her I could make her some kind of stilts to try out.

Sometimes I need to so a craft without all the pomp and circumstance. I have the need to keep it simple. This was just that craft. I saved a couple of tin cans from dinners and peeled the labels and washed them out. (Whoop whoop for recycle, reduce, reuse!) Hubs used a big spike-like nail to punch a couple of holes on either side of the cans. Then I used some twine that was sitting around and made handles. Stilts.

Sure I could have spray painted the cans some cutesy color, or found some other way to dress these old cans up. But not every thing has to be complicated does it??

Caitlin was so happy with her stilts. She thanked Mommy and Daddy without being prompted. So sweet! She was really excited to try them out.

They are a little difficult for her because the base isn’t really wide and she’s still learning balance. But what a better way to learn! I walked behind her and spotted her just in case she fell, but she did a good job of catching herself if/when she fell off.

And when she did get tired of trying to walk with them, she found a new way to use them. She took off running dragging those cans making music as she went. I mean really… sometimes it is all about the simplest things!

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    This brings back memories of when my brothers were small. I had totally forgotten about them. My mother made these for them and it was one of their favorite things. Tin cans, who would of thought? I’ll have to remember to save some cans so I can make these for my son.

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    Ginger these are so much fun! I can’t wait to use up some cans and make these for Big Brother, he would LOVE them! Maybe even a neighborhood race… thanks for the great idea! Featuring you this week on Saturday Show & Tell! :)


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